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Fundraising 101 – Make Ordering Easy

School fundraising has changed over the years. Let’s be honest – how people communicate, how they comparison shop, and how they spend money has changed, too. Somehow lugging around a box full of samples isn’t cutting it anymore.

Just like any other products for sale, the fundraising program you choose should make the most of the current ways people buy through digital channels, both using them to promote and offer purchasing options which make it easier to take orders from family and friends that aren’t nearby.

People are writing fewer checks and are processing more payments online. Consumers prefer that only about 9% of all their transactions be made in cash. Many fundraising groups, like Century Resources, offer tools like those listed below to help parents and students get the word out to friends and family, and accommodate orders in more ways.

Provide a clear pitch and tools to market for your students.
  1. Clearly identify the reason why you are fundraising for students and parents. When students identify a clear need for their group, they have a greater degree of success when they ask for orders. Quick and to the point allows supporters to know what and why.
  2. Use an email automator. It’s easier than it sounds. Century Resources, for example, simply has students and parents enter the names and email addresses of friends and family that might be willing to help. They’ll receive a personalized email about your group’s fundraiser and a link to shop through your customized web store.
  3. Leverage social media. Sharing information about your fundraiser via social media makes it easy to reach large groups at once. Century Resources provides a suggested post and link for your students, groups, schools, or even parents’ Facebook or Twitter pages.
Encourage online order placement.

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