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How to motivate fundraiser participants

With the sheer volume of fundraising activities for many genuine needs, the competition is tough and time is short. Every fundraising effort needs to stand out in the crowd and differentiate itself. Be aware of what other schools and groups are doing in your community. Choosing a product that no one else is offering will set you apart.

Less is more

Multiple fundraising activities and projects do not necessarily translate in to bigger dollars. In fact, saturation in the community, participant burnout and volunteer fatigue are all very real concerns. Create a tradition out of a sales campaign and align your organization with particular products at a specific time of year. Setting goals, asking once, and asking well, can be the best solution for motivating participants and optimizing the efforts.

Express the need

Send out a cover letter with your kickoff materials and make sure it includes a clear, concise description of what the fundraiser dollars will be used for. Your fundraising product supplier is likely to offer this as a service at no charge.

What is the need? How will this fundraiser make your school better? Tell the participants, parents, teachers and community. Include a quote about why the project is important. Press releases, e-mails, facebook posts, newspaper interest stories … any method will help your cause.

Give clear instructions

Make sure the cover letter includes simple, easy-to-follow instructions for how to participate in the sale. Include the name, number and email of a contact person who is available to field questions. Tell everyone how to turn-in orders and money, how to reorder, how to make payment and when to expect delivery.

Get attention & create buy-in
Put-the-Band Director-on-the-Roof

‘Contingent’ events all are great ideas to help grab the attention of your sellers and community, motivate participation and ultimately boost profits when tied to a set profit goal that is communicated prior to the start of the sale! Try one for your next campaign.

Submitted by DMI Fundraising, producers of The Music Box® Chocolate Fundraising Program, designed uniquely for Music Education.

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