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Seven “Healthy” Decisions to Make When Selecting a Fundraising Company

We received so much positive feedback from our sale last year that it was actually a pleasure to sell the fruit from your company.
Beverly, Band Boosters, MI

If you’re looking to raise the most amount of money possible during your next fundraiser, there is no better choice than a fruit sale, as long as it is done with company that is experienced and ready to help you succeed.

Here are some things you should look for when selecting your fruit sale fundraising company:

  • Fruit Variety: There’s more to a successful fruit sale than just selling oranges and grapefruit! Look for the finest citrus varieties, Anjou Pears, Red Delicious Apples, Sweet Golden Pineapples, Mix Boxes and much more. The greater your offering, the greater your sales!
  • Online Ordering: Expand your sales and customer base by supplementing your brochure sales with easy online ordering. You should have access to your own customizable eCommerce website that allows your customers to easily purchase fruit with a credit card.
  • Holiday Gift Shipping: Ordering online is important, but giving parents and friends an easy way to order Holiday Gifts is even better. Look for hand packed gift boxes that your customers can order online and send as gifts with personalized greetings.
  • Free Promotional Material: You’ll need more than just brochures to spread the word about your fruit sale. Your company should also provide you with posters and alternative ways to help you successfully promote your fruit sale.
  • Loyalty Program: It’s likely that you will repeat your sale over a period of years with the same company. Be sure you are rewarded for doing so.
  • Customer Service: Your fruit sale company should be with you every step of the way – before, during and after your fruit sale campaign.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Goes without saying, but be sure your fundraising company means it!

The outlook for the coming year is healthy and profitable!

If you would like further information about a fruit sale with Pee Jay’s Fresh Fruit, please visit our website at or contact us at (800) 847-6141 or

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