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Unique Fundraiser: Dutch Mill Bulbs, Inc.

Noted as the leader in fundraising-with-flower bulbs, the company has helped thousands of groups exceed their fundraising goals by providing risk-free fall and spring programs with guaranteed to grow and bloom bulbs and plants.

The key to longevity in a very competitive market has been the ability to offer an easy-to-sell, affordable product that consumers desire.

According to company president and owner Jeff Ellenberger, “Everybody loves flowers. With today’s health, economic, and environmental concerns, flower bulb fundraising is natural. Groups are turning away from the more traditional food, gift, and magazine sales to ‘go green’.

Another key to success and longevity is customer service. “We help groups exceed their fundraising goals by offering a quality product backed by quality customer service. Our customers earn at least 50% profit. Any item failing to grow and bloom are replaced free of charge.”

For more information or to request free sales brochures, please visit or call 800-533-8824.