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Free and Effective Help in Tough Fundraising Times

Americans gave a record $311 billion to nonprofit causes in 2007. Fundraising is the lifeblood of schools and nonprofits nationwide, which according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics has increased in number a total of 36.2% in the past ten years. But the future growth does not appear to be quite as promising. Fundraisers should prepare now for inevitable change and possible adversity.

With today’s budgetary and time constraints, where can fundraisers turn for help to make navigation through days such as these more positive and sure? The present economic downturn, accompanied by higher gas and food prices, will affect almost every nonprofit’s ability to raise funds. With SchoolHeart’s value-laden hCard program found at, your supporters can save hundreds of dollars, even while they help you!

The internet also poses new challenges, as well as untapped potential. That is where SchoolHeart’s innovative, patent-pending program starts and works for you. Getting started is easy. No need to hire a fundraising professional or put added strain on volunteers, because help is available for free. The SchoolHeart fundraising program provides a hands-on Account Supervisor to anchor the entire effort, answer questions, motivate people, and increase that much-needed revenue, and all for free! The Account Supervisor also helps tie the school or nonprofit to the community long-term. Businesses love the program, as they are given effective, inexpensive and even free advertising directed at those who live and shop in their area.

It gets better! SchoolHeart provides real fundraising value! Most people relish doing something meaningful, and often, money follows the heart. Traditionally, this arena was reserved for the wealthy few. No one ever got much in return. But now, SchoolHeart has developed an easy and effective program with real fundraising value, whereby every level of giving is rewarded with equal or better value! Account progress can be viewed via a password protected back office in real-time.

Inexpensive, Effective and Savvy Advertising

Summary: The value comes from the hCard, which affords cardholders hundreds of dollars in savings, provides much needed revenue for schools and nonprofit organizations, and provides businesses with “inexpensive and effective” advertising.

One of the greatest challenges for business owners is getting customers in the door, and that generally requires advertising dollars. And, it takes a fairly large slice of a promotional budget to sustain; especially in major media like TV, print or radio. The question becomes, where can a business gain effective exposure at little or no cost?

There is good news! has developed a program whereby any business can gain local and national advertising, and even help others in the process! If you are striving to find new ways of growing your business, you could hire a PR firm, or you could save your hard earned profits and sign on to the SchoolHeart hCard program.

SchoolHeart value fundraising puts community first, and the community is where most businesses need continual exposure. The value comes from the hCard, which affords cardholders hundreds of dollars in savings, provides much needed revenue for schools and nonprofit organizations, and provides businesses with “inexpensive and effective” advertising.

The hCard program is not like most one-time ads that last only a week or two, but an ongoing business generator, with exposure for as long a discount or incentive is provided. And it gets better, the exposure increases continually, every time a new school and nonprofit joins the program, and every time someone purchases an hCard! The SchoolHeart program actually picks-up “value momentum” for the long-term, rather than losing steam like most advertisements.

The Online hCard Directory at is where cardholders visit to find discounts or special offers close to home or across the country. Locations are found by zip code, mileage, city, or state. The hCard Directory provides a description and directions for your business, maps, website links, and more. Cardholders have three great reasons to participate; year-round savings at multiple locations, helping their favorite school or nonprofit organization and Emergency Contact support.

For the business owner there is ease of execution with a minimum of time invested, no contracts, flexible promotional offers, category search capabilities, a monthly newsletter, and an increasing loyal customer list. Participating merchants also receive two hCard stickers for their place of business. SchoolHeart cause-related marketing provides FREE cards to school employees, local firefighters, law enforcement officials, and other first responders.

Business owners are catching on to the fact that online markets are booming, and have gone well beyond the projected $70 billion. With no geographic boundaries, exposure on the internet is local, as well as national. The combination of online exposure, being a recognized benefactor to those in need, and saving the consumer money is hard to beat.

Taking advantage of the information age, consumers are turning to the Internet to research products and services before they buy, while large corporations, such as Staples, Office Depot, and Wal-Mart spend huge dollars to drive traffic to local stores. They know people spend 80% of their income within 20 miles of home. Most businesses can’t compete with corporate deep pockets, but now it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to have a successful web presence. SchoolHeart has the perfect solution to community synergy, providing much needed help to nonprofits, businesses and cardholders alike. What could be better than free local and even national publicity for your business? SchoolHeart will help you network with your community, and from sea to shining sea. Remember, the hCard holder is just a mouse click away.

Effective Advertising While you Help Others

Summary An easy, effective and inexpensive way for businesses to advertise.

For the local business, the hCard program is an inexpensive, effective and easy way to advertise, increase visibility and sales, and also to receive lasting recognition for helping support schools and nonprofits in their community. Merchants and businesses provide discounts and incentives for consumers and people purchase the hCard because of the value it offers, and to benefit their favorite school or nonprofit organization.

The hCard has tremendous value for the cardholder. Not only does the cardholder get local and national benefits, but a roadside assistance program that rivals AAA, and a tremendous bevy of other valuable benefits. The hCard® sells for only $25!

In addition to local savings, the cardholder also receives these great benefits!
12+ Great Reasons to Buy the hCard

  1. Roadside Assistance includes towing, tire repair, lockout service, etc.
  2. Emergency Contacts Services ($59 value) provides monitoring service 24 hours a day, seven days a week by live operators.
  3. Health Plan Discounts protection from over priced medical costs
  4. Life Loc protection discount to protect your identity
  5. Hotel discounts, including Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Ramada, Days Inns, Wingate Inns, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, Super 8, Baymont Inns, AmeriHost Inn, and Knight’s Inns.
  6. National Prescription Discounts (Save 15-75% at 53000+ locations)
  7. Gift Card promotions from Chili’s, Sears, Starbucks, Olive Garden and mo
  8. Automotive discounts up to 10% off at Jiffy Lube, Meineke, Aamco and Maaco
  9. Emergency Pet Protections 24/7 (Only $10/yr. for 4 pets) and Pet supplies savings
  10. Sporting Goods up to 10% off online at Sports Authority and Sports Kids
  11. Entertainment and Events savings up to 50% off regular price
  12. Travel, including Southwest Vacations and car rentals
  13. Plus hundreds of other local and national savings!

The hCard can be purchased online by school and nonprofit supporters from any SchoolHeart website. Locations are found by zip code, mileage, city or state. The organization’s name is printed on each card for easy tracking.

The business receives a free online display page in the National hCard Directory with customizable features, including a full display page where discounts, special offers, menus, directions, contact information, pictures and much more can be added, as well as a decal at their place of business for recognition in the community. No web experience is needed for the business to easily edit and update the listing. Additional recognition may also be available in emails, newsletters, updates, handouts and letters. Now that is advertising economy at its best!

Maximize Your Fundraising by Offering Real Value

Summary: Free, easy and effective fundraising!

On the eve of a big fundraiser a familiar lament was heard coming from the teacher’s lounge. “I still have cookie dough in my freezer left over from last year.” There is a loud collective sigh. “Just mix it in with the new cookie dough”, a volunteer suggests. There is guarded laughter, then a few more muffled jokes. All kidding aside, fundraising is oft a time when many veterans would rather book an extended vacation. It is a time when guilt trips are utilized to help sell overpriced items no one wants or needs.

To complicate matters further, operating costs have soared, budgets have been slashed and fundraisers have been asked to take on ever-expanding duties, all as the need for outside funds is on the increase. In schools, children continue to raise funds with high-effort techniques, such as selling low-quality and overpriced merchandise to neighbors and family members.

The question must be raised, “Why damage your volunteers resolve by making them sell things they don’t really believe in?” Ultimately, the success of fundraising efforts hinges on getting the maximum level of “buy-in” from the maximum number of supporters. To maximize a fundraising event, one of the most important questions should be the value of what is being offered. Fundraising strategies need to clearly answer the question, “What’s in it for the consumer?” Real value can ease the pain and cement a fundraising strategy for years to come.

Thankfully, there is some good news, as online solutions shape the future. The challenge then becomes finding a company with the right technology to handle both long-term and short-term needs. Now, with a simple click of a mouse, fundraising can be forever changed and a new mantra may be overheard coming from fundraising administrators, “It’s free and easy, and wow, they offer real value”. Add perpetual revenue and you define You might now overhear administrators using the words real value and refreshing in the same sentence. not only provides real value, along with free, easy and perpetual service, but ties the community together, building long-term good will.

For an easy fundraiser, you don’t want programs that take too much effort or time from a large number of people, but let’s be honest; it is going to take some effort. To make matters even more agreeable, SchoolHeart provides a hands-on Account Supervisor to help optimize the program. even offers great access to small groups, which no salesman would ever have called upon. You might now even overhear, “SchoolHeart is the least effort with the greatest return, with real value we can be proud to offer”.

The hCard is SchoolHeart’s premier fundraising program. No up-front or out-of-pocket costs. No returns, refunds, spoilage, or guilt trips. All orders are processed online and cards are mailed directly to the customers. The hCard is an easy sell, and best of all, it has real value! Like your typical “show and save” discount card, it can be used locally, but now it can also be used nationally and includes Emergency Contact support! People not only purchase The hCard to benefit their favorite nonprofit organization, but because of the real value it offers.

The hCard can work for any group and it unites the community. Not only does the organization accomplish it fundraising goals and the cardholder reap savings, but merchants are eager for new business and are more than willing to offer good deals to make it happen. The hCard is personalized with the cardholder’s name and the name of the school or nonprofit organization. And, in recognition for their service to the community, SchoolHeart provides FREE cards to school employees, local firefighters and law enforcement officials.

The hCard Online Directory at is the location cardholders visit to see what discounts and special offers are available to them. The Directory is a great new business generator for local and national merchants. Locations are found by zip code, mileage, city, or state. Merchants are also given hCard decals for their place of business.

SchoolHeart is serious about Funding the Heart of America, putting relationship at the heart of its fundraising strategy. SchoolHeart focuses on real value as its centerpiece. Supporters can know their contribution will help the nonprofit of their choice, but now they can also know that they received something that is of more value than the dollars they contributed! An administrator may now even get a genuine smile, instead of, “Here they come again”. Your volunteers will feel the same way.