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Red Laperyouse Interview

Red Laperyouse (Lapper-oose) is a legendary music educator from Louisiana. He is introduced by internationally known brass artist Patrick Sheriden and Jeff Matthews, director of Bands, Northwestern State University of Louisana, at the Viewer’s Choice Online Marching Series webcast of the Classic on the Cane Marching Contest.

Red and his wife Jo established a scholarship at Northwestern State to aid student teachers when they learned that music education students do not receive band scholarships when they begin student teaching because they are no longer on campus participating in ensembles. Red spoke to music educators and band directors, about the importance of teaching music fundamentals to youngsters and encouraging the talents of each individual student.

Red says, “There are so many changes that we see take place, but one thing that does not change is that the fine arts are a part of our life and every student needs to share in this”.  He says there are four areas we must develop:

1 We must have. Good physical and hygiene habits take of this cage we live in
2. We all have to assemble Body of facts into a trade or profession to earn our way that’s honorable
3. We all need to have a good religious philosophy about where we came from and where we need to get back to
4. Emotional stability which can be developed through participation in the fine arts.

When schools leave this out, they are riding a three-legged horse because the kids need this. Kid need to know where is “the wall”.
We need to teach the whole child.  Remember that. The band and the arts are important.

To teachers he gives this advice, “Remember the three P’s. Patience, Persistence and Prayer. Not necessarily in that order”.