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Pikes Peak Music Educators Association

Pikes Peak Music Educators Association,
Colorado Springs, Colorado
January 26, 2013

Dear Dave Knox,

We would like to send a sincere thank you for your support of the Colorado Music Educators Association feature of the Boston Brass and the Pikes Peak Middle School Honor Band. Without your broadcast and personal contributions, this event would not have reached the many folks who support and love our kids.

The Pikes Peak area middle school band directors selected students, and families were afforded a musical experience that will never be forgotten. The opportunity to play a commissioned piece with a professional quintet was a thrill beyond measure and frankly has changed all of our lives forever. Thank you very much for having the entire event broadcast on the internet and available for our friends and families all over the world.

This was a bonus that many will never forget!

Thank you for this wonderful experience and the effect this has had and will continue to have on all of our middle school instrumental music programs. Our students’ excitement has already been evident in our bands and will change our young musicians for years to come.

We truly appreciate the time and efforts that you took to bring this special project to our region and thank you again for the life-changing experience.


Pikes Peak Middle School Honor Band
Becki Belk
Chuck Silloway
Dan Bell
Scott Singmaster