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Why Choose John Packer Instruments?

John Packer has been making high quality instruments for over 2 decades. What started out as a simple need from their home market in the U.K. quickly grew to world demand for their great instruments.

In the U.K., like so many places outside of North America, renting an instrument is not something that is commonly found. Students need access to quality instruments at affordable rates to make purchasing a possibility. It was with this in mind that John Packer started designing and making instruments. That simple directive is what has driven John Packer to become such a successful brand.

Once you are ready to step up from your beginner level instrument, John Packer offers some of the best high-quality advanced instruments. John Packer designed all their advanced instruments in conjunction with famous British brands like Rath, Smith-Watkins, Taylor, and Sterling, which allowed them to keep their prices lower than the competition, but excel in quality and performance.

John Packer’s full range of instruments are all available at DF Music Inc. Looking to rent but don’t want the monthly payment? Overture is a brand new program that offers John Packer instruments with flexible ownership options for the first 12 months. You can check them out at for more details.

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Richard Galime, Owner