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Travel is back! Visit the United Kingdom

Travel is back!

Visit the United Kingdom

Without a doubt, one of the top tourist destinations in the world is the United Kingdom with a history dating back thousands of years.  Offering diverse experiences, the U.K. is rich in tradition and royal pageantry, with culture in abundance alongside stunning landscapes, breathtaking coastal views and vibrant cities. The U.K. is made up of four Nations; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and each country has its own charm, history and iconic sights to incorporate during a tour.

When you marry all of this with a performance tour, with opportunities for your band to perform in any number of venues ranging from royal parks to culturally immersive visits, to local schools or any number of historic Cathedrals to professional concert halls, you have all the ingredients for a memorable tour.  There is such a large variety of performance opportunities including the possibility of being a part of an established festival or perhaps alongside the celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II, to mark the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne in June 2022.

The U.K. is currently leading the way in Europe, as we now come out of lockdown with all hotels, venues, attractions, shops and restaurants expected to be fully opened by the end of June 2021. Currently over half of the U.K. population has received their first Covid vaccination, and a quarter has received their second, with thousands more being vaccinated daily. Liverpool recently hosted the first live music event for over 6000 people. This was part of a trial arranged by the British government in a bid to reopen the arts across the U.K. The event was a success with everyone attending having to show a negative Covid test before being allowed in and more events are set to follow.

We look forward to welcoming you to the U.K. in 2022 and beyond, and helping you to create lifelong memories for you and your students. United World Concert Tours and our U. K. Partner, U. K .Travel Designers are at your disposal to create a unique and special itinerary, at the best possible cost, to suit the needs of your music ensemble, be it Concert Band, Marching Band or Orchestra.

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