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Band Travel: Why Choose a Veterans Parade for Your Next Music Travel

BandTravel: Why Choose a Veterans Parade for Your Next Music Travel

Music educators are discovering that music department travel, particularly in marching band programs, is not the same in the 2020s as it used to be.

As we venture into the creation of the very first National Parade dedicated to honoring our esteemed veterans, with Washington, DC as the exclusive event location, we’ve come to the realization that our Parade and the accompanying Festival Events could provide an excellent solution for music educators.

Following band camps, under the Friday night lights, and amidst concerts, the idea of scheduling marching band appearances at their performance pinnacle is gaining acceptance. This approach seems like a viable solution, even an addition, to the conventional spring band trips. It grants students more flexibility to engage in other spring activities while offering a national stage for bands to showcase their talents – a privilege that was typically limited to Thanksgiving Parades, often keeping students away from their families during that holiday.

The National Veterans Parade emerges as a superb alternative, addressing these considerations while allowing band programs the freedom to craft their own complementary itineraries with their chosen tour providers. Our goal is to avoid imposing the necessity of purchasing an itinerary as a precondition for participation.

Aside from the Parade set for Sunday, November 12th, we’ve designed an engaging complementary festival event for Saturday, November 11th. This National Field Show on the iconic National Mall offers marching bands the opportunity to display their halftime field show prowess. This exhibition features a 10-12 minute performance, emulating the culmination of their hard work since the commencement of band camp.

For those interested in learning more, we encourage you to reach out to your professional tour provider. Alternatively, you can submit a non-obligation application. We’re eager to get in touch with you and provide further insights into what we have in store for the Veterans Day Weekend!