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A New Take on Rent VS. Own

To rent or to own has been a discussion going on as long as beginner band programs have existed. The current practice is to rent an instrument to avoid a large up-front purchase with no option to return. However, count up the $40 a month rental payment and that quickly adds up to $480 a year! Factor in 2-3 years of renting and you’ve unwittingly paid 2-3 times the cost of a student instrument.

Enter the Overture beginner band program. The philosophy of Overture is that everyone should have affordable access to quality instruments. To make that possible Overture offers high quality instruments, affordable pricing, and flexible return options for the first year. That flexibility comes from Overture’s unique buy back policy. In the first 12 months if the student moves on, Overture will buy the instrument back at a preset price.

In addition, the Overture program only works with one instrument brand, John Packer. John Packer has been producing and selling instruments world-wide for over 2 decades. Instrument renting is unique to the US market, so the rest of the world’s music programs need good quality beginner instruments at reasonable prices. By working with John Packer, Overture offers great quality instruments, reasonable prices, and the flexibility that comes with renting. To learn more about this great program check out

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