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Vandoren Masters Mouthpiece Launch Wildly Successful

DANSER Press Release

August 2011, Chicago IL – The groundbreaking new Masters clarinet mouthpieces were officially launched to enthusiastic trials and rave reviews at this year’s ClarinetFest 2011, held at California State University-Northridge in Northridge, California.

The revolutionary new Masters series represents a whole new direction in clarinet mouthpiece design. With the new approach taken to the tip opening and facing length relationship and the innovative chamber adjustments, Vandoren has created a line of clarinet mouthpieces that are responsive, easy blowing and glide effortlessly through the entire range of the clarinet, all while maintaining a beautiful tone color and classic Vandoren manufacturing precision. The new Masters series includes two models – the CL4 and CL5 – and is available with a special MO ligature that is available in four finishes: pewter, black, silver and 24 carat gold.

The new Masters mouthpieces were unveiled officially to an expectant crowd at the ICA ClarinetFest 2011 in Northridge, California. The response was immediate.

“We knew these mouthpieces were going to be big, but we didn’t know they would be this big!” exclaimed Jim Metz, marketing manager for DANSR Inc. “Everyone was really excited to try them and when they did, the look on their face told the story. As a result, we set a new record for mouthpiece sales at that show. These mouthpieces are hot and are only going to get hotter as more people discover what the Masters series can do for their playing.”

Vandoren Masters clarinet mouthpieces are currently available at fine music stores everywhere. For more information on the new Masters clarinet mouthpieces, contact DANSR, Inc. at