KHS America announces the release of the new Jupiter Sax Gig Strap JCM-SXNS01.  This over-the-shoulders strap is constructed of leather and suede giving it the durability and comfort necessary for those long gigs or for players on the marching field.  Multiple adjustment points allow the perfect fit every time.  The convenient design also allows the player to put it on and remove with ease!

By distributing the weight of the instrument away from the neck and equally over both shoulders, saxophone players will experience fewer neck and back problems.  This strap has been tested by top players who say it dramatically reduces fatigue during long gigs.

The simple construction is light-weight and fits easily in a case or gig bag without getting tangled.  Just throw it over your shoulders and play!

John Richardson, Winds product manager for KHS America and professional saxophone player says, “The new Sax Gig Strap is a game changer for professional saxophonists and students alike. Gigs feel shorter because the horn feels lighter as the weight on your neck is gone! For students in Marching Band, this is an absolute MUST!”

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