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Harvey Pittel – Presents the Saxophone Teachings of the Master, Joe Allard

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In this 14 part video series brought to you by the Eastman Music Company, internationally acclaimed classical saxophonist and educator, Harvey Pittel, presents the teachings of Joe Allard. Topics discussed include Tone Imagination, Breathing Mechanisms, Tone Color, Matching Overtones, Vibrato, Tonguing, and various other saxophone and general woodwind playing techniques.

Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Tone Imagination
Chapter 3- Area of the Throat
Chapter 4- Embouchure
Chapter 5- Breathing Mechanisms
Chapter 6- Tone Color
Chapter 7- Subtone
Chapter 8- Matching Overtones
Chapter 9- Tonguing
Chapter 10- Vibrato
Chapter 11- Circular Breathing
Chapter 12- Continuous Vibrato
Chapter 13- The Musical Line
Chapter 14- How to Practice

Harvey Pittel is an award winning and internationally acclaimed classical saxophonist who has performed as a soloist with many of the world’s greatest orchestras and has recorded extensively as a soloist and with ensembles including his own saxophone quartet. He is the Professor of Saxophone at The University of Texas at Austin Butler School of Music.