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Eddie Daniels Expressions Ligatures Unboxing Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

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A review of Bb Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

NEW! Eddie Daniels Expressions Series Ligatures

Designed in collaboration with renowned Jazz icon Eddie Daniels, the new Signature Gold Series ligature removes sound production boundaries and offers players a new freedom of expression. The innovative “air channel” design offers unique reed holding pressure points, resulting in a greater sense of balanced overtones and warmth in tone.


Eddie Daniels Signature Series ligatures are available for Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, HR Alto Saxophone, HR Tenor Saxophone, HR Bari (large) and Soprano Saxophone.


Eddie Daniels

“I’ve been looking for a ligature like this all my life – I finally found it – I am thrilled!” 

Anthony McGill 

Principal Clarinet, NY Philharmonic Orchestra

“The Eddie Daniels ligatures are excellent ligatures. They have a nice combination of vibration and warmth!

Chad Burrow

Associate Professor of Clarinet
University of Michigan

I like the ligatures a great deal and really like the carbon fiber model.  I normally play the Silverstein Estro and I have been quite happy with it.  The carbon fiber seems to focus the sound a bit more for me, without losing the resonance.  It would also be much easier to make fast clarinet switches from A to Bb clarinet.  This is the Achilles heel of the Silverstein. I think they are both good ligatures, but the carbon fiber really works well for me, LOVE IT! 

Malena McLaren, D.M.A.

Music Department Chair and
Professor of Clarinet NSULA

“There is a clarity of sound, a consistency in tone quality, and an ease of projection that you don’t find in other ligatures.  These ligatures are an absolute pleasure to play on!

Thank you for introducing me to this ligature!”

Dr. Karen Dannessa,
Professor of Clarinet, West Chester University

The Eddie Daniels signature series ligatures are terrific!  The warmth, resonance, flexibility and tonal cover allows the reed to vibrate and the sound to sparkle. The new signature gold series ligature has become my new favorite! WOW!

Debra Richtmeyer

Professor of Saxophone, University of Illinois
Past-President, Honorary Life Member, North American Saxophone Alliance
Artist/Clinician, Conn-Selmer Inc.

UI Campus Award Recipient, “Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching”

I just played both ligatures and am extremely impressed with your Eddie Daniels Signature Series Gold ligature!  It allows all registers, including the altissimo to have a round, clear and vibrant tone, excellent response, clear, easy articulation and outstanding dynamics from ppp-fff.  Congratulations!  I will begin using it immediately!  Thank you so much for sending it.

Joseph Lulloff

Professor of Saxophone
Michigan State University

The Eddie Daniels ligatures are truly superb, they enable the player flexibility, while giving a rich and responsive sound. AMAZING!

Alex Foster

Saxophonist, Saturday Night Live Band
Director./Saxophonist Mingus Big Band

The Eddie Daniels ligature assists in centering my core sound and tone flexibility throughout the entire range of the instrument. Highly recommended!

Ed Joffe
Professional Woodwind, NY & Broadway

The new Eddie Daniels-model clarinet ligature is a wonderful addition to the world of ligatures. I recently played on one and was literally blown-away by the results. I experienced a greater sense of balanced overtones and warmth in the tone. The response for subtle beginnings of notes and varied articulations beats any ligature I’ve played. My colleagues at the Broadway show where I work were quick to comment on the positive results. Bravo for creating it.

 Marty Nau
Former lead alto saxophonist
U.S. Navy Commodores jazz ensemble

“I never thought I would be excited over a clarinet ligature but I am now. The new Eddie Daniels ligatures have everything I want in them. Warm sound, power, flexibility, and I can go back-and-forth between classical and jazz in an instant. And Eddie Daniels plays one and that’s good enough for me!”

Sam Martin

Clarinet Associate Professor, Wayne State University
Michigan Opera Theater

“For twenty years I’ve played the same ligature. During that time, I have tried countless different models, and this is the first one that has compelled me to switch. It has a lovely, focused sound and amazing response. It’s the  best ligature I’ve played.” 

Nicki Roman, DMA
Assistant Professor of Saxophone, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Artist/Clinician, Conn-Selmer
Soprano Saxophonist & Vandoren Performing Artist, Fuego Quartet
Doctor of Musical Arts, Eastman School of Music

I really enjoy both for alto AND soprano! Wow!

It is really hard for me to find ligatures that actually make a noticeable difference that is worth investing in. These really make a substantial change in both projection and core sound. They really allow flexibility in order to manipulate my sound further. On both my Selmer and Vandoren mouthpieces, they work really well! I am looking forward to continuing to use them and explore the even more excellent qualities they hold. Not only do they sound great, both finishes look very sleek and they fit well on the mouthpiece. I frequently find ligatures that are either too tight, too loose, or move around too much. This are nice and snug! I couldn’t ask for more.

Armand Hall

Conductor/Clarinetist Rochester NY
Artistic Director, ROC Music Collaboration

I love the projection of the carbon fiber model-feels like the sound explodes from the instrument. However the gold model puts me in the wheelhouse of a warm dark tone, without sacrificing projection. Nicely done!

Legere Reeds

The Eddie Daniels new Signature ligature plays Legere Reeds better than any other ligature on the market!


Chris Collins 

Valade Chair in Jazz, Wayne State University
President/Artistic Director, Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation

Put simply, The Eddie Daniels ligature offers something truly new to the woodwind market.! Like many saxophone/clarinet players, I am always exploring new techniques and equipment that can propel my technical and artistic trajectory. This Eddie Daniels ligature does just that.

Firstly, its materials, mechanics, and fit and finish are of the highest quality. But, the real story is the sound and tonal flexibility it brings to the market. This ligature allows the reed to vibrate freely and the full spectrum of harmonics to be available for the player to shape into a personal sound. Additionally, the marked difference between the brass and carbon fiber models should be sampled by every player seeking to capture the nuances that bring the sound in their head into the world.

Like Eddie Daniels himself, this ligature represents excellence and must be experienced.