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Jewel Musical Products

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Did You Know?

Jewel Mouthpieces are played by many top Clarinet and Saxophone artists around the world!

Did You Know?

All Jewel Mouthpieces are Hand worked and Hand Faced, including the Performance (plastic) models!

Jewel Student Model Mouthpieces

Concert Mouthpiece Model

Jewel Concert mouthpieces are quickly becoming the most recommended student hard rubber mouthpiece on the market today! Made from 100% pure hard rubber with no fillers, each Jewel mouthpiece is hand faced and hand finished at the baffle, walls, and tip rails for consistent, accurate measurements. More reeds play out of the box. Acoustically balanced tone chambers focus airflow for exceptional playing response and sound quality.

Jewel Concert mouthpieces are very reed friendly and easy to blow. Embouchures hold in position longer with less fatigue. Students will notice more stability in upper register playing and pitch without over blowing.

Performance Mouthpiece Models

Jewel Performance mouthpieces combine affordability with playing ease, flexibility, and rich resonant tones. Made of plastic, the Performance mouthpiece is hand worked and faced for precise measurements and exceptional playing response. The hand applied facing will allow beginning students to play with more comfort. Moving young students over the break on clarinet, progressing to the upper register becomes much easier with the support a stronger reed. The reed friendly comfort allows students to hold their embouchures in position longer with less fatigue.
Performance Mouthpieces by Jewel are the First choice with many band directors as a beginning or step-up mouthpiece.

New Jewel Strap Ligatures
Single screw fastening design applies even pressure on reed surface for increased reed response. Special fabric enhances the flexibility of the reed producing a more focused sound.

Jewel Mouthpieces and Accessories are sold in hundreds of music stores throughout the United States and Canada. Contact your music dealer and ask for Jewel Mouthpieces and Accessories.