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Return to Music Resources – Helping Teachers, Administrators, Students

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What does music look like as we move into 2021-2022? The Return to Music Project wants to make the lives of music educators easier moving forward as we advocate for our programs, plan for the upcoming school year, and try to keep the music alive in our schools across the nation.

The Return to Music Project will be broken down into different content areas and released in three phases during the course of the next 6 months.

Phase I will focus on: Scheduling, Recruitment, Retention, Advocacy, Performances and Evaluating Your Students

Phase II will focus on: Student Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Teacher Well Being, Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) Opportunities for Music Education this Summer and Fall, Learning Acceleration, Curriculum Adjustments, Summer Opportunities, General Music Education, Secondary Ensemble Considerations, Student Teachers, School Owned Equipment and Uniforms, Cleaning Guidelines, Student Eligibility, State Association Changes, and Reporting Differences

Phase III will focus on: Beginning the 2021 School Year (updated on 8/10)

Other Resources: Music Teacher Thank You Video, NFHS Music YouTube Channel

We encourage you to share this information with all music educators in your state. There is a plethora of valuable information that can assist in a successful school year.