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Empower Your Newly Appointed Student Leaders

Empower Your Newly Appointed Student Leaders

Student leaders burgeon with guidance while support your program

Preparing for the end of this school year generally also means preparing for the start of the next school year by selecting student leadership for high school music programs. Student leaders can be used in a variety of scenarios within a music program like copying music, inventorying equipment or instruments, and teaching other students. If you are a high school music teacher and feel like you need help getting ready for next school year, consider some of the following ways student leaders can personally grow while easing your workload. 

Bond Over Work: Bonding activities allow you and your student leaders to get to know each other, work better together and build trust. From “work” activities preparing for the upcoming season to group outings or games, schedule group programs for your leadership to build a stronger bond. 


Brainstorm Field Show Ideas: Selecting a field show for the fall season can be daunting: picking music and a theme you, your staff and student will spend a lot of time with. You and your staff will teach the piece for several months and your marching band ensemble will study, practice, and perform for the majority of their fall semester. Whether you and your staff design a theme and pick music or shop for pre-written shows, giving your students a voice in the decision-making process can enhance engagement during the long stretch of marching season. 

An anonymous online survey is a one way to get input from your students without knowing who suggested what. Or create an environment of transparency where students can hold a conversation about their choices. Student choice can give you an idea of what your ensemble finds interesting and allow you to focus on specific aspects of a theme or music. 

Holding a “design” meeting with your leadership can also be a great way to teach your students the intricacies of putting together a marching band show. Even if some ideas from your leadership team are not realistic on the marching band field, giving each of them the time and freedom to be creative can build rapport with them, while exposing them to the breadth of a marching band field show performance. 


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Submitted by Spencer Hannibal-Smith, GPG Music Director of Operations and University of Nevada Reno Wolf Pack Marching Band Instructor