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Vandoren Grows the Sax Harness Business – Literally

December 2013, Chicago, IL

Since its release earlier in 2013, saxophonists around the world have been lauding the Vandoren Universal Saxophone Support System. Its even distribution of the instrument weight and multiple comforts and security adjustments have made it a hit among sax players at all levels.

Bass clarinetists, bassoonists, and very tall saxophonists have been asking if there is a way to extend the length of the securing cord on the harness to suit their needs. Now there is with the new FNH101 – the Vandoren “Long” Universal Support System.

“When the Harness came out, we were surprised by the number of questions from bass clarinetists and bassoonists on adapting it for their instruments”, commented Vandoren Brand Manager Andy Blanco. “We took those requests to heart and now offer a “Long” model that will work with those instruments. It will also help sax players with long torsos who need that extra bit of give to get their horns to the proper height.” Berklee baritone sax professor Danny Harrington added, “This harness is by far the best one I’ve ever tried and believe me, I’ve tried them all”.