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We Applaud YOU –A Message from Suburban Tours

We Applaud YOU – A Message from Suburban Tours

As the seriousness of the pandemic became apparent, travel plans were put on hold, but the music hasn’t stopped.  We applaud the directors who are keeping their students engaged and supporting their practicing and performance efforts remotely.  This isn’t the spring you had planned for and worked toward.  Plans to participate in competitive music festivals and to hold public performances, both at home and on the road, had to be cancelled.

Like you, we believe strongly in the experiential value of travel.  We believe in the value of being introduced to new places, new experiences, new people. People of all ages are enriched by the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture, and to experience the wide diversity of the world’s peoples.

Our sympathies have been with you as we cancelled those performance tours and worked to provide refunds.  Now all our efforts will be focused on providing you with the support you need as you determine if, when, and where to travel with yours students next year.  We’ll be working with our supplier partners to determine how best to ensure student safety while providing them with the chance to share their music with others.  Student travel will continue to be a valuable experience for all involved, offering the joys of discovery and exploration, in a host of popular destinations.

Whatever form the challenges ahead of us may take, please know that we are here to offer our expertise and partner with you in expanding your students’ horizons and broadening their education.

Suburban Tours: Specialists in student travel for over 40 years.