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Century Resources: Founded With Music in Mind!

A music teacher’s life can be one of isolation. Okay, maybe that’s dramatic. But, the music department is an island…one that feels like it’s suffering erosion on its shores on a constant basis. Curriculum is different from the academic subjects, and the departments run much differently.

We can honestly say, we get it. Century Resources has been working with music teachers like you for almost 40 years. As a matter of fact, we were founded by one. Joe Bowman was a former band director in the Midwest working at the High School level for seven years.

Joe understood that music is an incredible part of the curriculum for young learners, with its demonstrable ties to science, math, languages, and the arts. It’s truly part of a life-changing experience for many of the students that meaningfully engage in music in our schools, and the impact on overall learning is more and more evident to parents. (And – let’s be honest – music programs look great on a college application.)

Let’s get back to erosion on your music department island. Teachers continually see funding cut for extracurricular music programs and fewer resources for their basic music curriculum. When that is coupled with increasing participation numbers, something has to give – or, money has to be found.

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