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Superscope PSD430: An Easy-To-Use Digital Recording System for Musicians, Educators and Students

Superscope PSD430: An Easy-To-Use Digital Recording System for Musicians, Educators and Students

Geneva, IL – Superscope Technologies, Inc. is announcing its newest addition to the PSD400 Series of professional digital recording systems. Loaded with features, flexibility, and multiple file-sharing options, the PSD430 is an advanced portable digital recording system for music practice and recording.

The PSD430 has three available media types for recording and playback – plug in a miniSD card, connect an external flash drive or hard disk drive via USB, or record or playback audio on the built-in CD recorder.

The PSD430 also features simultaneous real-time control of tempo and key changes, and play-along options include A-B looping for practice sessions and voice reduction for singers who wish to sing-along with their favorite recordings. Advanced features include overdubbing, punch-in/out recording, reverb and delay, panning, editing and three-band parametric equalization.

A 15-year veteran vocal techniques instructor, Texas-based Tom McKinney is currently focused on the user-friendly PSD430. A teacher for students of all levels and genres – country, pop, rock, opera, R&B, blues, gospel – Tom uses his Superscope on a daily basis.

“With this model, my students can record directly to an SD card or USB drive. I’ll have my students record their vocals on the PSD430, and then we’ll play it back. If we need to, we’ll change the key of the accompaniment and re-record. It’s proven extremely helpful for them to take home what they’ve learned in their session with me,” Tom explains.

Tom’s students range from age ten to adults, all at various levels in their careers. His list of past students is impressive with superstars such as Beyoncé, Solange, Mario, Demi Lovato and Ray J, all having studied with him during the course of their careers.

When speaking about the serious student, Tom says, “Superscope becomes a vital part of their talent development. To have the ability to record yourself and play it back without having to go to a studio is invaluable. They’ll go to the studio when they’re ready and hopefully lay down a hit record.” And in the meantime, Tom will continue to use Superscope in his practice as a vocal techniques instructor. “I send my students home with practice instructions for our next session on their thumb drive. They also get to take their recordings from the session with them. The benefits of Superscope, along with proper instruction, have allowed many of my students to begin their careers in such major markets as New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. As their teacher that makes me very proud.”

“The tools on the PSD430 help teachers and students stay organized,” says Superscope’s Market Development Manager Tim Smyth. “Our products are designed to not only give students immediate feedback, but also help educators track progress by storing a student’s lesson material and recordings in a folder or playlist. The practice material is then shared with students using SD cards, USB devices, CDs, etc. The PSD430 really makes music lessons more efficient.”

Other Superscope models include PSD450 and PSD410. The PSD450 includes all playback and record features found in the PSD430 and adds a 160 GB hard drive for direct recording with plenty of file storage for archiving and tracking students’ progress. The PSD410 records directly to SD media, USB flash drives or an external hard drive and includes all playback features found in the PSD430.

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