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Pop Trios for All


Arranged by Michael Story
Published by Alfred Music © 2008
Reviewed by Vince Corozine

Pop Trios for All is a collection of fifteen pop songs playable on any three instruments or any number of instruments in ensemble.

Each book is in score form, showing the three parts written on three staves. The songs are progressive in difficulty from Grade 1 to Grade 4, with no page turns required. Each song is approximately sixteen measures in length.

The songs are written for all instruments of the band, with extra parts for stringed instruments. The strings must play in flat keys throughout in the keys of Ab, Bb, Eb, and F major.

The tempos vary from Rock, bright swing, ballad, to one song in alla breve (cut time). The ranges for the instruments are comfortable. However in the violin parts it is always helpful to remind players to avoid the nasal quality of open strings by including a (4) above the open A and E on the violin for example. Covered notes are much mellower and less harsh to the ear than are the high open strings.

The ranges are comfortable as the Bb trumpet and baritone horns (T.C.) are required to play up to a G above the staff. Dynamics and articulations are clearly marked.

The Bb clarinet/bass clarinet book would be more beneficial if all the third parts remained below the break, so post-beginners could play along.

The songs include: “Old Time Rock and Roll,” “Sing, Sing, Sing,” “Hedwig’s Theme,” “All I Wanna Do,” “The Magnificent Seven,” “You Raise Me Up,” “Mack the Knife,” “This is It!,” “Can You Read My Mind?,”

“Crazy in Love,” “The Pink Panther,” “Star Wars (Main Theme),” “I’ll Be There for You,” “American Idiot,” and “Hips Don’t Lie.”

These songs work well for post-beginning students.  These books list at $6.95 each.

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Vince Corozine Music , Author of “Arranging Music for the Real World” by Mel Bay Publications