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Published by Alfred Music © 2008
Reviewed by Vince Corozine

Arranger Calvin Custer presents his collection of pop tunes and jazz arrangements for instrumental choir for four different Level 3 ensembles, each of which I will review separately.

· “Over the Rainbow” for Saxophone choir

· “Moonlight Serenade” and “Batman Theme” for Clarinet choir

· “Summertime” for Brass choir

· “Night and Day” for Flute choir

Parts for piano, bass, guitar and drums are included with each arrangement. Each arrangement includes written-out solos with chord changes-perfect for the classically trained player of the experienced jazz soloist. The written-out solos are also included in the full-performance recordings and serve as models for proper style.

Free recordings are downloadable from and include full-performance and accompaniment tracks for each title. The performance tracks teach jazz, rock, and ballad styles by providing a listening example, as well as the opportunity for the musician to play along with the recording. The accompaniment tracks include only piano, guitar, bass, and drums, so, if you don’t have a rhythm section, you can play along with these tracks in rehearsal and performance.

· “Over the Rainbow” for saxophone choir(2 Eb alto saxophones, two Bb tenor saxophones, alternate 3rd Eb alto saxophone, Eb baritone saxophone, and rhythm section) `At a quarter note=72 this ballad lends itself nicely to the saxophones. There are lots of variety in scoring in this arrangement and it is an excellent way to feature your saxophone section to add a touch of variety to your programming.

The solo alto saxophone begins with rhythm section background. The other saxes enter forming a sustained background for the alto sax solo. In the middle of the song there is a sudden shift to a Bossa Nova at quarter note =120. An extended ending ritards and fades to a pianissimo.

· “Moonlight Serenade” for clarinet choir (4 Bb clarinets, alto clarinet, optional 5th Bb clarinet, (substitute for alto clarinet), Bb bass clarinet, and rhythm section.

The range is in a comfortable setting for this Glenn Miller classic. The phrases are clearly indicated by long legato lines. Quarter note =94.

The 4th clarinet part is written below the break except in one measure. This will enable a younger post-beginner to better handle the part.

· “Batman Theme” for clarinet choir (4 Bb clarinets, alto clarinet, Bb bass clarinet, and rhythm section)

In this Rock tempo piece, the 4th clarinet part is written below the break except for one measure.

· “Summertime” for brass choir (two Bb trumpets, F horn, trombone, baritone (bass clef), optional baritone (treble clef), tuba, and rhythm section.

The lead trumpet extends to an A above the treble clef; the F horn goes to an F on the top space of the treble clef, while the trombone goes to an F above the bass clef. An extended trombone solo is given for 16 measures.

The contemporary jazz voicings make this an excellent piece for programming.

· “Night and Day” for flute choir (five C flutes, and rhythm section)

This arrangement is a moderate Bossa Nova…quarter note=116. The first flute extends up to high G above the treble clef.

I recommend these arrangements. They provide a bit of diversity in a concert setting and can show off a section of your band.

Each set with full score and parts retails at $15.00.

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“Over the Rainbow”
“Moonlight Serenade”
“Night and Day”

Vince Corozine Music , Author of “Arranging Music for the Real World” by Mel Bay Publications