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Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Band Uniforms

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The Best Time To Buy Based on Market Cycles

The best time to purchase uniforms is during the fall from September 1st continuing to March 1st of the next year. The industry experiences the heaviest part of the buying cycle during the months of March, April, May and June each year. By ordering during the fall and early winter months, you will be assured of receiving delivery prior to the end of the current school year and will be well prepared for the opening of another football season in the fall.

Another consideration concerns the timing of increases in price. Most raw material suppliers will pass along increases in costs during the fall months. The uniform industry traditionally increases prices to the customer around the first of each next year. You can take advantage of special incentives and special offers during the early fall of each year.

How To Get Started
  • By contacting a factory-trained representative, you can begin the design process and they can help in determining types of fabrics, trims, and styles to suit your uniform needs.
  • The first step is to obtain information about your needs and your preferences for materials, design, necessary quantities, etc. and develop a colorful art rendering of your idea.
  • A sample uniform can then be manufactured for your approval. This sample can serve as a pilot for the prospective order, and will establish the quality standard for evaluation.
  • If the order is submitted for competitive bidding, require a package of construction and manufacturing standards from all vendors. These standards will assure quality and superior construction. All specifics and details relating to the fabrics, trims and accessory products need to be included. After reviewing the standards submitted, you should choose those that most closely meet your needs. Those specifications should be sent to all interested bidders and should be used as the guidelines by which all bidders must comply.
  • After a decision is made concerning the purchase, you can expect delivery to be approximately 120 to 150 days from the date all order details are completed and a purchase order is received.

A complete list of customer references in your area is recommended.