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How to Compete at a WGI Competition

How to Compete at a WGI Competition


So you have decided you want to compete with WGI?  I bet you have a lot of questions!  This “How To” webpage should guide you through an easier registration process and help answer all your questions.

Do I have to be a member to compete?

Yes, all color guard and percussion units wishing to participate with WGI must become a member. This means if your organization has multiple units, then each individual unit must purchase a membership. The standard membership of $75.00 includes all the benefits of membership. For more information on membership visit
When will regional and World Championship registration/entry forms become available?
The entry form will be on the website starting September 28th for all standard members. You can manage your units entries through the Director’s Only website that is set up when you become a member.

Do I have to register by September 25th?

No, you can register for a regional anytime between September 25th and the actual entry deadline for each contest if you are a premium member. Standard members may register any time between September 28th* and the actual entry deadline for each contest. The main thing you want to remember is that the contest order is done by registration date, so the later your date, the earlier you will compete in your class.
The actual entry deadline is the Friday, five weeks prior to the show date for all regionals and the last Friday in February for World Championships.

How do I decide what class to compete in?

There is a description of each class in the adjudication manual that should help you to determine where your students are most suited. That’s the best place to start in determining where you will be most competitive. Consider the average age of your students, how many hours you have for rehearsal each week, the experience and the talent level of those who will be creating and teaching your guard.

Regional A classes are designed for the very beginning or very young students. Here is where they learn the most elementary skills. Once proficient in that class, they are ready to move up to the A class. The A class students are ready for bigger challenges both in show design and in technical skills. They have an understanding of the time commitment involved in this level of competition. You and your staff have a good understanding of their potential and a support mechanism capable of assisting in their growth.

Continuing in the progression of classification, Open class students have demonstrated their readiness for that next set of challenges and so on into World Class. The most important consideration is to place your group where they will be challenged, where they can compete and grow. Winning the class is not the measure of your ability to compete in that division.

What is a Power Regional?

Power Regionals are held in larger High School facilities, and are held over two days. Power Regionals feature 2 panels of judges allowing the competing units the opportunity to be viewed by up to 10 different judges on that weekend. These shows also offer critiques to those units attending World Championships.
Any unit competing at a Power Regional Event must provide their music licensing information to WGI. Visit

Do you have to attend a Power Regional to compete at World Championships?

No, you do not. A Power Regional is a great place to go if your unit is unable to attend World Championships.
What is required to compete at World Championships?

Only one regional (a regular or Power Regional) is required to attend World Championships. There is not a qualifying process to attend World Championships so if your unit does not make finals at a regional you may still attend.
Units who do not have a WGI Regional within 400 miles of their place of origin will be allowed participation in WGI World Championships without meeting the requirement of attending one WGI Regional first. Any unit not attending a WGI Regional is required to submit a videotape to the Division Coordinators by March 1.

Any unit competing at the World Championships must provide their music licensing information to WGI prior to December 1st. Visit for more detailed information about copyright requirements.
Will I receive any mailings about competitions?

All WGI info is now done electronically. The information regarding schedules of the regional, contest info, site maps, and other necessary info to make your regional experience a great one will be available online about three weeks prior to the date of the show. You will need to login in the lower left corner of using your username and password to view this information.