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Mid-Season Evaluation – Heros & Villians

Steve Martin

Steve Martin Composer/Designer- GPG Music Publications
Roosevelt HS Marching Band, Mark DeAngelo, Director
2011 Show  “Heros and Villains”


“Mid-Season Evaluation”

As a benefit of the amazing technology available to us, I was able to provide commentary and criticism to the Marching Chiefs on their first evaluation show of 2011. I did this by watching a high-definition video on YouTube of the Marching Cheifs’ 9/17/11 performance at Wayne Memorial HS, while simultaneously making a digital audio recording of my comments. Once I finished, I converted my recording to MP3 and emailed it to Mark for is review. The end result: Mark and the band had a tape from me as if I was in the press box that day! Most of my comments were directed at the kids, but I was also making suggestions for Mark. I suggested he edit the “tape” for the students to keep the comments for them separate. Frankly, I’m blown away by the technology factor of this dialogue, and I hope more designers can make use of this type of interaction to give their clients more feedback throughout the season.

My focus for comments was very broad. I was able to comment on the band’s achievement, accuracy, and the coordination of the musical and visual design packages. From my perspective (and using just this one snapshot of their season as a reference point), I think the band is progressing faster than last season. Their comprehension of the music and drill is comparable to when I saw them in early October last year. It’s encouraging to so the potential. I believe the drill design is going to facilitate success in terms of supporting the concept well, appropriate demand and still being very achievable for the ability level of the Marching Chiefs.

I will have the opportunity to work with the band this year in early October. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing the show live, as well as attending to some of the details that need a little fine-tuning in the musical book. If the band brings the same great attitude from last year to the time we have next month, it will be a great opportunity for all parties to make great strides! I’ll be sure to report here on the results of our time together.

Steve Martin
GPG Music Publications