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ASU Marching Exhibition 2008

Broadcasted Live August 28, 2008

Jupiter Quantum Brass – Developed with an overall ensemble voice in mind, the Quantum Marching Brass embarks on a unified approach to sound and construction. The Quantum Trumpet has a five inch bell and thick, resonant construction. The Quantum Mellophone includes a standard mellophone mouthpiece and introduces a hybrid mouthpiece which eliminates the need for an f horn mouthpiece adapter. The Quantum Baritone and Euphonium use 1st valve slide triggers rather than saddles or rings. The Quantum Baritone has a slightly larger bore than other baritones to better blend the sounds of low and high brass. The ergonomically-balanced Quantum Tuba has a tubing configuration that allows the player a clear line of sight to the left; it is also the only tuba in the industry with a left-hand tuning trigger.

Majestic Quantum Marching Percussion – The Quantum series marimbas and xylophones feature a newly reformulated synthetic bar material that offers unprecedented warmth of tone for a synthetic material and a wood-like appearance for optimal performance in all environments. The Majestic Quantum marimbas use precision tuning methods to ensure the highest level of tonal consistency. While the Quantum field xylophone employs traditional American-style tuning to deliver a bright and musical tone. Providing both warm tones and excellent projection, Majestic Quantum vibraphones produce a big, full-bodied sound that can fill stadiums without becoming too bright or thin sounding.

Frames and pedals were given special attention on the Quantum field percussion models. The Majestic Quantum field frames are designed with modular and flexible mounting options for precise positioning of auxiliary instruments and amplification equipment. The height adjustment mechanism on the Majestic Quantum field frames is aided with pneumatic pistons for ease of operation. The mallet instruments also feature a wider, twin pull rod pedal giving players comfort and reliability. The Quantum field chimes have large 8” pneumatic tires and a wide wheelbase, helping them roll smoothly inside or out. The chimes also have an enclosed damper box that protects the mechanism and ensures unhindered, smooth pedal response.

Mapex Quantum Drums – The Mapex Quantum series includes a comprehensive selection of marching snares, toms and bass drums. They feature standard gloss coverings with standard Satin Chrome hardware. Special order finishes include a choice of seven lacquer and covering options; further customization is available by matching one of nine hardware choices with any of the twelve Standard or Custom shell finishes.

The HT snare drum combines the traditional design and function of a conventional marching snare drum with the ability to accommodate high tension tuning. The Quantum XT snare drum accommodates all head types and remains full, open, and sensitive at all levels of tension. It features special support posts connecting the tube to the shell, to provide maximum stability while transmitting more vibration from the top casting down to the snares.

The Mapex Quantum toms and bass drum represent significant advancements in the evolution of marching drums. Tom shells feature interior plys of Walnut and a progressive cut that produces a full, dark sound that doesn’t become choked at high tensions. Bass drums feature progressive air vent placement for a more consistent sound and feel throughout the bass ensemble and are outfitted with chambered aluminum hoops that provide strength and stability while eliminating the need for additional rim protection. Lightweight, aluminum tube lugs minimize shell contact while ensuring the best possible alignment of tension rods to keep tuning stress off the shell.

The Mapex Quantum series also offers three types of carriers as well as a complete series of stands, cases and accessories to meet the needs of any ensemble.

ASU Sun Devils Uniform
Designed and manufactured by Fred J. Miller Inc.
Michael Cesario’s original sketch and finished uniform
Designed and manufactured by Michael Cesario’s original sketch and finished uniform.