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Thumbport: A Breakthrough in Balancing the Flute


Solexa Presents the Thumbport. The Thumbport clips onto the flute and guides the right thumb to be more functional in keeping the flute stable. Flutists will find new freedom in finger movement and stability in sound production. You will never play the same without the ThumbportTM.

Thank you for your splendid Thumbports… I recommend this very strongly for anyone with Left hand problems and it can also help the Right hand fingers to press less.

William Bennett, The Royal Academy of Music (London), OBE, Hon RAM

I simply wouldn’t go back to playing without a Thumbport!

Beynon, The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

After many years of performing and teaching, I have finally found the perfect solution for establishing stability in flute playing. Every flutist should have a Thumbport.

Kathleen Chastain, Oberlin Conservatory

The Thumbport is a simple and logical solution for stability of the right hand on the flute, for a relaxed position of fingers, and to correct without pain any awkward or crooked grasp on the flute.

Michel Debost, Oberlin Conservatory, author of “The Simple Flute”

The Thumbport is an amazing tool in helping to balance and stabilize the flute and the flutist’s hand positions. After using it for 10 days, I found my facility on the instrument had improved dramatically. A welcomed aid in flute playing, Thumbport is for any flutist of any level.

Jeffery Zook, The Detroit Symphony Orchestra

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