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Working Together to Heal Your Band Program

An open letter from the TerraServ family.

To all of our music educator professionals,

We understand how difficult the last few weeks have been for you, and look forward to a return to some sort of “normalcy” in the weeks ahead.

All of our educators, students, parents, and administrations are dealing with the fallout from the COVID-19 Pandemic and we know you are as well. For the Band Directors whose music programs need to recover lost funds from concert and musical ticket sales, as well as lost payments from music travel bookings, (and some of you, both!), we want you to know, we are hear for you.

We at TerraServUSA have a credit card processing platform for e-commerce donations and merchandise fundraising sales. In this time of need, we are offering our services at no charge to you and your program. We will supply an e-commerce link to you, to use in all of your contact platforms. (Website, social media, phone and text, etc). We will help you with your message and call to action, andprovide a donation button for one time or monthly contributions. We process all credit card payments directly to your designated account with our state of the art security and record keeping software. The only cost is the applicable credit card/security certificate fee, but you get the donation when you need it, to go where you need it.

We would welcome the opportunity to be there when you need our all-encompassing fund raising systems, as well as state of the art apparel production and fulfillment. In fact, we would welcome getting to know you better, and supplying all of you who enroll your program into our donation link one of our embroidered staff polos for you and your Band Staff!

Let’s all work together to get back to school, back to work, and back to class.

Please contact us today for more information.

All the best to all!

The TerraServUSA Team

877-563-8989 toll free