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Eight 2023 European Performance Tours Available for Directors and Students

After a three-year hiatus, American Music Abroad will be resuming their Summer European Music Performance Toursin 2023.

American Music Abroad was founded in 1975 by a high school band director and his wife to fulfill their dream of sharing their love of Europe with high school students, college students and adults.  American Music Abroad has organized over 320 musical tours with a specialization/concentration on Western Europe involving over 35,000 participants.

Each tour is structured to maximize cultural and educational opportunities. A full-time experienced tour escort travels with each group to ensure that group members will have an enjoyable and rewarding travel experience.  Each tour is comprised of exceptional student musicians from numerous schools coming together to create a Concert Band, Choir, Orchestra and Jazz Band.  Concerts are directed by Directors from some of their schools.

In the view of American Music Abroad, music is indeed an “international language”. It is our mission to provide opportunities for musical exchange fostering better understanding and friendship. American Music Abroad encourages groups to feature a repertoire that represents the diverse culture of America.

In 2023, American Music Abroad will be hosting 8 tours with destinations including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.  For more information on how to participate as a student or a director, go to: or email