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The new MALLET ESSENTIALS poster by Arthur Lipner

The new MALLET ESSENTIALS poster by Arthur Lipner

Mallet percussion offers a level of visual learning that is unique to band instruments. We can seize this opportunity as educators.

In my travels to band rooms/percussion studios across the country over the years, I see a handful of helpful posters but none for mallets. My new Mallet Essentials poster was released at PASIC ’23. This poster bridges the gap between practice pad roots and the beauties of melody and harmony.

Many High School students learn parts for shows/competitions but have limited keyboard and harmony knowledge. Starting with basic reading, the poster shows bass clef as space “FACE” on the bottom and lines “Go Buy Donuts For Arthur”! Major scale graphics are prominent. Rudiments as keyboard exercises are the perfect entree for drummers. Included are simple fun songs for ear training such as Happy Birthday and The Yellow Rose Of Texas. For repertoire, it’s critical that students see what next-level music looks like so it includes examples of popular UIL pieces. A few cool Blues lines demonstrate the provided Blues scales. Excited for this contribution to our community, I hope you and your students find it a helpful and motivating time-saver!

The new MALLET ESSENTIALS poster by Arthur Lipner is available at this link.