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The Real Easy Book – Volume 3

Review 10/10/2010 - Sher Music
John Kuzmich Jr.

“Essential Jazz Instructional Materials”

I. The Real Easy Book, Volume 3 – Sher Music – 2007 – $25.00 for book
III. Fake/Scalar-chordal/Bass Lines/Guitar voicings
VI. Individual

The Real Easy Book, Volume 3, is the ultimate teaching fake book. Available in C, Bb, Eb and bass clef editions making it ideal for classroom use. It is a short history jazz with jazz tunes from all eras and styles of jazz, covering traditional jazz, classic bebop, the Blue Note era, “Groove” jazz, the swing era, West Coast jazz, contemporary jazz and Afro-Cuban and Brazilian jazz. In front of each section, the text describes each era and its musical innovation spanning the history of jazz in its 100-year evolution of jazz. What makes this fake book an educator’s delight is that the second page of each tune includes all of the things a band director might need to write out for their students. This V.I.P. instructional materials includes: scales for soloing, piano voicings, guitar diagrams, complete chorus of a sample bass line and more. The repertory includes both beginning and intermediate level tunes for each era. There are about 5 to 10 tunes from each historical era of jazz. Tunes represent a well-known library featuring such tunes as Charlie Parker’s “Now’s The Time and “My Little Suede Shoes,” Perdido,” “Bill Bailey”, “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” and much more. In addition, there is also introductory texts for each section covering a short history of each style of jazz as well as a discussion of the innovations that each one contributed to the evolution of the music. In summary, this fake book is a multi-dimensional teaching tool that will provides unique instruction that goes far beyond the repertory aspects. Address: P.O. Box 445, Petaluma, CA 949543. Web: 200 pp.