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Alfred Publishing Company

Level 1 with CD inside
Alfred Publishing Company
Reviewed by Vince Corozine

Arranged by Bill Galliford, Ethan Jeuburg and Tod Edmondson

This book is part of an instrumental series arranged for flute, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, horn in F, and trombone. The arrangements are completely compatible with one other and can be played together or as solos.  The books list for $9.95 each.

Each book contains a carefully edited part that is appropriate for the Level 1 player and a fully orchestrated accompaniment CD.  Any student who has completed book one of any standard band method can successfully play the songs in these books, which makes this very appealing to many students.

Each song on the CD includes a DEMO track, which features a live instrumental performance, followed by the PLAY-ALONG track by itself.

A piano accompaniment book (optional) is also available. It includes a CD that features various instrument DEMO tracks from the series.

The series is also written for violin, viola, and cello. The piano accompaniment is included, as well as a fully orchestrated accompaniment CD.  Due to skill level considerations regarding keys and instrument ranges, the arrangements in the string instrument series are not compatible with those in the Wind Instrument series.

I examined the trumpet and clarinet books.  The clarinetist is required to navigate above the “break” in nine of the ten songs included in the book. The highest note for the clarinet is a written G on top of the treble clef.   The highest note for the trumpet is a written D fourth line in the treble clef.

A fingering chart is included at the end of each book.

The song titles in each book:  “Believe” (The Polar Express), “Come So Far” (Hairspray), “Gonna Fly Now” (Rocky), “Hedwig’s Theme” (Harry Potter), “In Dreams” (Lord of the Rings), “James Bond Theme” (Casino Royale), “Over the Rainbow” (Wizard of Oz), “The Pink Panther” (The Pink Panther), “Raiders’ March” (Raiders of the Lost Ark), and “Way Back Into Love” (Music and Lyrics).

This book of current movie themes will have great appeal to the young music student and the accompanying CD will encourage and stimulate individual practice.

The printing is of excellent quality, with large readable notes. Metronome markings are included for each song. Both verse and chorus are indicated where applicable. Dynamics and articulations are clearly indicated and breath marks are included.

I recommend these books as supplemental material for the student who has had at least one year of instruction on his instrument.

These books are excellent for group lessons or for concluding the band rehearsal with a familiar selection.  The unison parts will demand careful listening and can be a tool for teaching good intonation.

Vince Corozine Music , Author of “Arranging Music for the Real World” by Mel Bay Publications

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