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Bobby Watson, Volume 119 – Jamey Aebersold

"Essential Jazz Instructional Materials"

“Essential Jazz Instructional Materials”
John Kuzmich Jr.

Bobby Watson, Volume 119 – Jamey Aebersold – Jamey Aebersold Jazz – 2007 – $15.90 for booklet and CD. II. HS/College. III. Scalar-chordal. IV. Play-along with rhythm section. VI. Individual.

Bobby Watson, Volume 119, is a challenging play-along comprised of some really interesting tunes. There are many up tempo tunes that will challenge you, up to 275 beats per second. The twelve tunes include some notable Bobby Watson tunes such as “ETA,” “Lemoncello, Jewel,” “Blues for Alto.” The tunes are both delightful and challenging for both intermediate to advanced improvisers. The introduction is well written by JB Dyas. It focuses on Bobby Watson who has had quite a career as a journeymen side player and music educator. I particularly like the commentary about how each tune is to b e performed which is insightful. The booklet is transposed for C treble, Bb, Eb and bass clef C instruments. The CD has stereo separation as follows: right channel for piano & drums and left change for bass & drums. Without reservation, this publication is a motivating play-along material for intermediate to advanced improvisers. In general, the melodies are not as difficult to play but the tempos and frequent chord changes are. Address: P.O. Box 1244, New Albany, IN 47-151-1244. Web: . Booklet: 88 pp