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Why the MegaVox is the Perfect Portable PA System for Marching Bands



Why the MegaVox is the Perfect Portable PA System for Marching Bands

Something as simple as using a metronome during rehearsal and amplifying voice instruction during practice can eliminate confusion and increase the efficiency of band practice. While each marching band may have different goals and desires for their ensembles, they all have one thing in common – the need for a quality public address (PA) system.

One of the biggest problems marching bands come across when searching for PA and/or sound systems is finding a system that can be heard clearly and concisely over the powerful jingles and crashes of their instruments.

Southridge High School Marching Band from Beaverton, Oregon uses a Dr. Beat metronome (model DB-90) and connects it to their MegaVox using a 6000-18PS cable. “Every rehearsal, we warm up with it. On the field, we plug it into an Anchor MegaVox, hold it behind the drum line, and travel with it,” says director Todd Zimbelman.

The MegaVox is known by many band directors as the most durable PA system available to marching bands and other ensemble groups. Because it is battery powered, completely wireless, and designed to be portable, the MegaVox allows you eliminate dangerous cords running across the field or gymnasium floor. The MegaVox can be stand mounted or carried with a convenient shoulder strap. Outfitted with a powerful re-entrant horn driven speaker, the MegaVox system is ideal for voice amplification and allows band directors to hold the attention of their ensemble over long distances.

“The MegaVox has totally revamped the way we run rehearsals. Gone are the days of sticks and gock blocks. By using the MegaVox, we are able to wirelessly connect both our Dr. Beat, as well as the headset mic, so I can run a metronome, while continuing to give feedback to our students.” – Peter Manzi, Director of Bands, Carlsbad High School.

Built-in Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect your Dr. Beat or other metronome while still having the ability to project and amplify voice instruction. This allows you to play a metronome to keep the ensemble together while also amplifying clear instruction at the same time.

If one MegaVox isn’t enough for your ensemble, a wireless battery powered companion speaker (MegaVox AIR) is available, which allows for the ability to sync with an unlimited number of companion speakers – doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your sound across the field or marching area.

“As a high school director who has used multiple different products, I can’t think of one better than the MegaVox system and headset mic that goes with it. The MegaVox allows me to free up my hands and have one on one contact with my students. Everybody can hear all of the time. The efficiency and amount we can get done has improved so much because of this product. I am forever sold on it.” – Peter Manzi, Director of Bands, Carlsbad High School.

If you need the efficiency and effectiveness of your marching band to improve immensely and never want to wonder if people from one side of the field to the other can hear, choose the Anchor Audio MegaVox portable PA system for your marching band.

Like all of Anchor Audio’s portable sound systems, the MegaVox Pro PA system is manufactured in the USA, ships same day, and is backed by an industry-leading six-year warranty.

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