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How long will it take to make my uniforms?

Fruhauf Uniforms Buyers Guide Part 3

The length of time necessary to produce your order is affected by many factors. Each order requires materials from over 40 different suppliers. We have to allow time for delivery of the materials and then schedule your actual production time. Depending on the garment design this production time can vary a great deal. Of course, WHEN you order plays a significant role in delivery time also.

The actual production of your order does not begin until the approved sample, measurements, and purchase order and/or deposit are received in the factory. It doesn’t make any difference if you decide to buy in March but don’t clean up the order until June, the clock of production time doesn’t start ticking until all three items listed above are in the factory.

When you receive your bid or exact price quote, you will be given a delivery time frame. Usually this will be anywhere from 120 to 150 days. REMEMBER, this clock doesn’t tick a tock until the order is complete.

If you order in our “off season”, you might receive uniforms in 90 days. If you place your order in late spring, expect delivery to take the full amount of time listed in the quoted delivery time – usually 150 days. As you cansee, to insure delivery for that first ball game you should complete everything no later than the end of March the preceding spring.