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Late Season Marching Band Rehearsals

We have all experienced it, marching band in late October and November when all the drill is on the field, music is memorized, visuals have been added, and the intense focus from learning the show is beginning to dwindle. The initial goal of learning the field show is completed, but your ensemble needs new goals set for them in order to continue to improve throughout the remainder of the season. Here are some techniques to help you keep your ensemble engaged and challenged during late-season rehearsals:

  • –  Develop a focused rehearsal plan for each rehearsal
    • –  Meet with your staff to discuss areas of the show that need improvement
    • –  Watch previous performance videos
    • –  Record rehearsal run-throughs or small chunks to re-watch
  • –  It is never too late to break things down:
    • –  Schedule time to focus on the smaller details (set by set, count by count)
    • –  Schedule time for marching basics
    • –  Schedule time for music/flag/equipment fundamentals
  • –  Invite other musicians to come to your rehearsal to give you feedback
    • –  Other directors
    • –  Outside staff members
    • –  Older college students
    • –  Previous professors
    • –  Local college marching band directorIf you can keep your students more engaged and motivated through late-season rehearsals, your ensemble will continue to grow and improve.###GPG Music is the premiere source for award-winning music and design for marching band, inspirational concert music, and powerful, captivating music for percussion. Our composers are dedicated to providing reasonably-priced, custom-level compositions for all ability levels. Our


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