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The WHO brass players take delivery of their “New” Instrument Bell Covers

According to E. C. Benson & Associates, the nations’ largest producer of Instrument Bell Covers and Trombone Slide Covers, sales of Instrument covers have really taken off in recent years not only in the United States but throughout the world. Introduced as high school and college pep band “school spirit” items several years ago, these covers are currently featured worldwide as advertising pieces for major convention sponsors, civilian and military parade units, and holiday spirit items. The visual effects of these covers far outshine any minimal sound attenuation according to customers.

Reggie Grisham (Nashville) and JG Miller (Los Angeles), featured brass musicians with THE WHO, received their order of our “newest” Brass Bell Covers just prior to their performance in Minneapolis on November 27th. E. C. Benson & Associates have been producing Sousaphone Bell Covers and Trombone Slide Covers for the past twenty years and just recently introduced Bell Covers, with custom designs, for ALL brass instruments in various bell diameters. Instrument Bell Covers and Trombone Slide Covers are shipped worldwide by this Minnesota company.

MORE BELL COVERS by: Earl C. Benson and Associates

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