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Summer Workshop

Nothing like a snowy 20-degree day to make anyone think of summer band camp, right? Those of us in the activity know that whatever the temperature may be outside, marching band is with us year-round. For most band directors, the beginning of their summer band camp is the downbeat of the season. All directors want their students to arrive open and ready to learn, and one of the best ways to do that is through a summer workshop to help the students get excited and motivated about the season ahead.

Vivace Productions is proud to have been part of the Summer Band Workshop landscape for the last 25 years. Over those years, styles and techniques have changed and Vivace is proud to have been part of the cutting-edge educational concepts, marching, and leadership methods that have given a framework for marching programs around the country. The summer of 2022 is a continuation of that tradition – providing new and exciting programs and tracks to supplement programs and inspire students to give their very best in all areas of their lives.  Here’s just a small sample of what is to come this summer:

  • Band Leadership Training (BLT) – this track focuses on leadership in the world of marching band. Any student may participate in this track, regardless of their role in the band. Section leaders, Drum Majors, Drum Captains, Color Guard Captains will all benefit from the interactive and motivational leadership sessions in this 2-day intensive workshop. Expanding each student’s understanding of their role in the band, as well as enhancing the skills that brought them to their leadership position to begin with, BLT will have each student feeling energized and empowered to be the role-models that you need for a successful marching season.
  • Incomparable Marching Band Workshop – This event has it all. Six different tracks have something for everyone. New for 2022? One Show, One Focus. Each track will work on the same show (drill, music, etc.) during their individual sessions and combine to perform at the capstone demonstration at the end of the week. Additionally, each track will include daily leadership sessions to enhance and build confidence in the students. Each student can sign up for the track that best fits their role in your band:
    • o Drum Majors – conducting, confidence, leadership, presence, score reading, teaching skills. With new clinicians and a new format – students in this track will be ready to take the podium and lead their peers both on and off the field.
    • o Winds– marching techniques, musicianship, personal responsibility, and confidence building are all covered in the winds track for brass and woodwinds alike.
    • o Battery Percussion – stick work, uniformity, blend, and musicianship are just some of the elements in the field percussion sessions. 
    • o Front Ensemble – clinicians on this track will cover modern technology, performance techniques, and ensemble blend, as well as leadership and confidence building.
    • o Color Guard – students of all skill levels will benefit from the sessions on this track. Topics covered include fundamentals and body work combined with leadership and how to perform in an ensemble.
    • o Directors/Educators – a great opportunity to collaborate with fellow band directors on topics like field technology, growing your program, uniform selection, traveling with your group, booster programs and more. Power users of different suppliers share their experiences and provide insight for directors to get the very best out of every season.  This year we will include a workshop on becoming a Marching Adjudicator.
    • Leadership Training Seminars – Half day workshops for leaders throughout your ensemble. Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and Dr. John Villella lead interactive and immersive sessions with focus on cooperation, communication, inspiration, and leadership. Held at different locations around the country, Leadership Training Seminars bring the message to a site near you. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Vivace is also the proud producer of the Collegiate Marching Band Festival each fall. This event provides an opportunity for college marching bands to perform in exhibition performance for thousands of spectators – many of whom are high school marching members looking to continue their band career beyond graduation. As we like to say, why wait for halftime when you can have marching band all afternoon? The college performers take it to the next level knowing that the audience is all-in for band. 

The marching activity is adapting to a changing landscape. Dance and body movements are not limited to color guard members. Props and equipment provide mobile backdrops to transport the audience to another setting during a performance. The adage, “adapt or die”, comes to mind. Summer workshops like the ones mentioned above can help a smaller newer program, or a large existing program, to stay current, build legacy programs, and create leaders for today and tomorrow.

For more information on all these workshops, contact .  Registration for our summer workshops opens on March 1, 2022