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Design with the Big Show in Mind: A Conversation with Fusion Winterguard

You walk your team down the tunnel and out onto the floor for WGI Winterguard World Championship Finals and climb the long stairway to the sound table.  It’s this moment that you’re able to take it all in – the full stage you’ve assembled; from props and flags to costuming and floor.  

When many teams approach designing for the Dayton Arena, they consider space and height.  But what about the elements of the arena?  How does the large black curtain or the stadium seating tie into your overall design?  

Fusion Winterguard Takes us through their Design Process

The design team at Fusion World Guard based in Clifton, New Jersey takes a unique approach to their early design considerations by overlaying their “look” into a virtualized Dayton Arena.

“It may seem so simple, but it gives us an instant indication on how the floor absorbs the environment around it,” says Fusion’s Director, Rob Watson.  “When we take the floor in competition, we want the spectators to immediately feel immersed in the world we’re creating for them.”

This virtual reality approach goes further than just the floor.  The Fusion World team also considers flags and costuming as a part of this exercise.