Denis Wick – An American Classic

May 2012 Chicago, IL – London based Denis Wick Products has an international reputation for producing some of the most consistent and best-performing mouthpieces. Most recently Denis Wick has turned their attention toward the American trumpet market and is proud to introduce the all-new American Classic series.

The American Classic series is based on some of the most well-known American style mouthpieces but modified to perform to the standards that all Denis Wick products achieve. Available models are the 1.25C, 1.5C, 1.5CH, 3C, 5C, and 7C. The numbering system was designed to correspond with the standard American mouthpiece sizing established by Bach, making it easier to choose the best Denis Wick mouthpiece for you. While the sizing may be similar, Wick’s improved design includes a more comfortable rim and a unique throat and backbore design for each mouthpiece.

“Every mouthpiece requires unique modifications to achieve maximum performance” commented Richard Galime, Denis Product Specialist. “The unique modifications to the throat and backbore of each mouthpiece create extremely well-balanced performance throughout all registers for the full line of mouthpieces” In addition to great performance these are some of the most consistently produced mouthpieces available by any manufacturer. This is accomplished by the unique techniques utilized during the CNC machining process.

“Most major manufacturers today use a CNC machine to cut mouthpieces to increase efficiency and accuracy, but not all CNC machining is made equal” stated Stephen Wick, Director for Denis Wick Products. “Each American Classic is made on CNC machines specially set up to produce the most refined product. Our programming is based on our desire to produce mouthpieces with a superb finish – hence our longer run times.” The longer run times reduce the amount of polishing required, which also reduces the amount of metal removed after the initial cut. This refined process provides a very accurate and consistent mouthpiece that has a beautiful finish and is extremely comfortable to play. To learn more about the Denis Wick manufacturing process and the American Classic Series go to (web spot) to see a demonstration from Stephen Wick.

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